“Experience Slovenia in a few days”

Krvavec as a ski resort is konw as good skiing place and a wide range of winter adventures. In the warmer season in addition of nice views, hiking and arenaline thrills Krvavec also provide for great Gastronomic pleasure. In the natural environment you are able to enjoy in some local gastronomic specialties.

Cerklje represent the rich natural environment, cultural heritage and way of life. All of this is elevated with the regularized environment and hospitality of people. In the relatively small space there are numerous trip destinations and attractions.
TIC Cerklje

Ljubljana, capital city of Slovenia and a Central European city lying between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, in the basin, where the incident to the river Sava and Ljubljanica. Ljubljana has all the facilities of a modern capital, yet it has maintained a friendly and relaxed atmosphere of a small town.

Walking and coaching trails around the lake, traditional boats, ringing the island’s wishing bell, the castle treasures – all these are but fragments of Bled’s attraction, which is truly worth experiencing. And those who experience it, long for it again and again….
Bled (50km), Blejski Vintgar (55km)

All towns in the vicinity are beautifully maintained and boasts with rich cultural heritage and interesting sites where also various Slovenian important man were born. The main attractions include both castles, churches, museums…
Kranj (18km), Škofja Loka (22km), Kamnik (11km)

Unspoiled nature takes you to a world of unforgettable experiences of the lighter short walks through the valleys and hills to the complex of protected routes in the mountains, where you can enjoy views of the Alpine peaks.
Velika Planina (23km), Triglavski narodni park (65km)

Slovenian landscape is extremely varied with numerous notable, as well as hidden natural beauties are the perfect choice for cycling holidays. Slovenian rivers provide exciting, but safe descents in rafts. Rafting Agency, which organized downhill, provide all the necessary equipment and transport back to the starting point.
Rafting, Adventure park (65km), Paragliding

Beauties beneath the surface, are even more striking than those which can admire the rugged, mostly wooded area. Almost every square kilometer area of west Slovenia is located under any of the thousands of caves. So you can see the underground tunnels with moving stone formations.
Postojenska cave (70km), Škocjanke caves (90km)

Slovenian natural health resorts, thermal spas and wellness centers are the pillars for people with importance of health and well-being. They are intertwined centuries with tradition, experience and modern knowledge with termalizm professionals who are focused on the health of soul and body.
Terme Snovik (35km), Water city ATLANTIS (25km)